HandyTube CNG Plus: New Option for Routing Gas in Refueling Stations


HandyTube, a unit of industrial products manufacturer Handy & Harman Ltd., has introduced its CNG Plus Tubing product line for compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations and related applications.

The company's products have been used in CNG stations in the past, but CNG Plus Tubing has been specifically designed for some of the unique demands of building CNG refueling infrastructure.

For instance, HandyTube can provide tubing in exact lengths – and in long coils – with no longitudinal or orbital welds, which minimizes the chances of defects and safety issues that could occur with high-pressure CNG applications. The company has also partnered with manufacturer SSP to provide special fittings designed to simplify installation and meet CNG station specifications.

CNG Plus Tubing is tested per ASTM A269 and ASTM A213 standards, including 100%
hydrostatic testing and 100% positive material identification, which ensures that the tubing is defect-free.

More information is available by clicking HERE or calling (302) 697-9521.

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