Go Natural CNG Begins Production Of Custom Hose Assemblies


Go Natural CNG says it is now manufacturing custom compressed natural gas (CNG) hose assemblies that can be used for vehicles, dispensers, fuel-transfer devices and at-home CNG refueling.

Each hose is constructed with an electrically conductive nylon core that is designed to dissipate static build-up, the company says. These hoses also include fiber reinforcement that helps maximize pressure capabilities while remaining flexible. The outside of the hoses are covered with a red polyurethane jacket that provides abrasion resistance and protection from outdoor elements, including ultraviolet light. In compressor or dispensing applications, Go Natural installs protective wire spring guards over the end of each hose.

The assemblies, which are available in 3/8′ and 1/2′ inside diameters, comply with NFPA 52, ANSI/IAS NGV 4.2-1999 and CSA 12.52-M99 certification requirements.

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