Georgia Fleet Begins Converting to Natural Gas Vehicles


The municipal fleet in Douglas, Ga., will soon be converting six of its vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Initial plans call for five Dodge Chargers and one Freightliner truck to make the shift to CNG. The city will be looking into converting additional vehicles in the future.

‘We are committed to becoming a fuel-efficient city and are setting an example by moving Douglas forward and transitioning some of our vehicles to run off compressed natural gas,’ says City Manager Terrell Jacobs.

Earlier this month, Douglas opened its own CNG station, which is currently used by an anchor fleet of heavy-duty vehicles from Waste Industries USA Inc. This facility is also open to other fleets and the public.

‘With the new CNG fueling facility open in Douglas, we have access to this clean-burning alternative to gasoline and plan to slowly transition our fleet so we keep our vehicles on the road at a lower fuel cost,’ Jacobs adds.

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