GE Capital Fleet Services IDs U.S. Trucking Operators’ Top Concerns


According to a recent survey conducted by GE Capital Fleet Services, 20% of trucking fleet managers cite understanding the landscape of alternative fuel vehicles and related technologies as a main concern in the quest to manage operating expenses.

Maximizing fleet productivity was survey respondents' biggest concern, with 44% saying this aspect of their businesses was key. When fleet managers were asked to name the single most important area of focus in maximizing fleet productivity, 29% cited specifying the right truck for the job. Similarly, 22% said specifying the right truck was the most important service their fleet management company could provide. The next most important areas cited were tracking downtime and reducing total cost of ownership (both 18%).

Fleet managers also noted that another main concern was meeting cost-savings goals (24%).

GE Capital Fleet Services offers fleet management assistance in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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