Gas Technology Institute Unveils Mobile CNG Fueling Station


In partnership with Ultimate CNG, the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) has introduced FuelMule, a mobile fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. According to GTI, FuelMule offers CNG fleets fueling capability at their home bases without the need to build a station.

According to GTI, the FuelMule is equipped with a reciprocating gas compressor capable of dispensing 8 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) per minute at a pressure of 3,600 psi. Its payload area is fitted with light-weight, carbon composite tanks, providing onboard storage capacity of 700 DGE.

GTI says the mobile fueling station can fuel 35 to 50 medium- to heavy-duty CNG vehicles, and separate electronic metering allows filling two vehicles simultaneously. Loading of the FuelMule can take as little as two hours, the company adds.

“This technology helps to overcome the capital-investment issues associated with building new fueling infrastructure,” says Tony Lindsay, R&D director at GTI.

“With FuelMule CNG fueling services, no longer must fleets choose between the convenience of diesel and clean natural gas. They can have access to CNG with no capital investment required and no fueling infrastructure maintenance,” adds Dennis Pick, president of Ultimate CNG.

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