Frito Lay On CNG Fleet Conversions: ‘A Little Bit Of A No-Brainer’


Frito-Lay, which is already pioneering alternative-fuel fleet operations with a major electrification initiative, was the subject of a recent New York Times blog that highlighted the company's efforts in putting compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks to work in its fleet.

Writer Jim Motavalli reported that the company is going to deploy 67 CNG-powered trucks over the next few months, and long-term plans call for the ‘majority’ of its long-haul fleet to run on natural gas. Right now, Frito Lay is using 18 CNG trucks in a pilot program.

‘The good news is that it's a win-win for us, both in terms of our sustainability strategy and reducing our costs,’ Michael O'Connell, senior director of fleet capability at Frito-Lay, told the Times. ‘The payback for the extra cost of the natural gas trucks is a year and a half, so it's a little bit of a no-brainer.’

Read the entire blog post HERE.

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