Freightliner Custom Chassis Supplies All-Electric Vans To UPS


Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) has delivered two of its all-electric MT E-CELL walk-in vans to UPS, which will use the vehicles in its Laguna Hills, Calif., fleet.

Built on FCCC's MT-45 chassis, the MT E-CELL combines advanced body and drivetrain technology with the ‘productivity advantages of a traditional walk-in van,’ FCCC says. An all-electric, single-speed drive motor that is powered by lithium-ion batteries yields 55.5 kWh of energy, offering a driving range of up to 90 miles per charge. The system recharges through a standard 30 A, 220 V outlet in six to eight hours.

Additionally, the MT E-CELL's Morgan Olson body is onstructed with high-strength, fully recyclable composite panels and an all-aluminum floor. In turn, the body is 500 lbs. lighter than a conventional walk-in van body but still has a capacity of 700 cu. ft. The MT E-CELL's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is up to 15,000 lbs.

‘After promising results with the prototype all-electric vehicle, we are looking forward to getting similar production with these vehicles making real deliveries to our customers every day,’ says Mike Britt, UPS' director of maintenance and engineering international operations ground fleet.

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