Fontaine Modification to Distribute Fuel-Saving Idle Smart System


Idle Smart LLC, a technology company based in Kansas City, Kan., says it has authorized Fontaine Modification Fleet Services, a Statesville, N.C.-based provider of on-highway truck modifications, including alternative fuel system installation and fleet vehicle preparation, to install and distribute its Idle Smart idle management system.

According to the company, Idle Smart is an automatic engine start-and-stop technology that actively manages engine idle time and battery voltage levels while helping to prevent cold starts in Class 8 trucks.

Idle Smart LLC asserts that the system reduces idling time, helping ensure compliance with idle restriction laws and potentially saving fleets thousands of dollars per truck annually. The company says it also provides remote management capabilities and delivers performance-reporting and vehicle diagnostics – ensuring optimal performance at both the truck and fleet level.

“Reducing truck idling and lowering fuel costs while continuing to provide a comfortable environment for off-duty drivers has been a challenge for many trucking companies,” says Jamil Young, president of Fontaine Modification Fleet Services. “Idle Smart provides an innovative and dependable solution.”

Fontaine will offer system installation at any of its seven nationwide modification centers, adds Young.

With Idle Smart, drivers no longer need to idle their vehicles to keep their truck batteries charged or to keep their cabs and their coolant warm, the company asserts. Idle Smart LLC designed the app to automatically start the truck when the battery voltage gets low, charge it back up, and then shut it down again. The company says that for safety, the engine won’t start if the truck isn’t in neutral, doesn’t have its parking brake on, or has its hood open.

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