FedEx Express Vehicle Fleet Aims for a Higher Fuel-Efficiency Goal


FedEx Express, a unit of FedEx Corp., has set a new target of achieving a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency for its global vehicle fleet by 2020 – a 50% increase over the original goal set in 2008.

In fact, FedEx says the business unit exceeded that original goal – a 20% improvement over 2005 levels by 2020 – in less than five years. FedEx Express has improved its fleet's fuel economy by more than 22%, which will allow the company to save approximately 20 million gallons of fuel in 2013.

‘FedEx Express follows a three-tiered strategy to improve the fuel efficiency of its fleet: 'Reduce, Replace and Revolutionize,'’ says Dennis Beal, vice president of global vehicles. ‘This holistic approach to fleet management allows us to develop vehicle technologies for the future while maximizing the conventional vehicles we operate today.’

FedEx's sustainability efforts include the following highlights:

  • FedEx Express will have a total of 360 hybrid-electric vehicles and 200 electric vehicles in its fleet by the end of fiscal year 2013
  • Last year, FedEx Freight began testing two new tractors powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).
  • FedEx Ground is testing hybrid hydraulic parcel delivery vehicles on local delivery routes across the U.S.
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