Evatran Taps Fleets To Test Electric Vehicle Charging Tech


Evatran, a developer of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs), has kicked off its Apollo Launch Program product trial, in which car-rental, utility and other fleets will pilot the company's Plugless Power system.

These firms will outfit Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf models with pre-production Plugless Power wireless charging systems, Evatran says. This technology uses inductive power transfer to eliminate the cord and plug, and in turn, streamline the charging of EVs.

Evatran first held product trials around its headquarters in Virginia and installed a prototype at Google's Mountain View, Calif., campus earlier this year. With this new set of trials, participants will be asked to provide feedback on daily usage routines, user interfaces and any additional functionality needed. Evatran will use participants' feedback to support the production design of its aftermarket product line, which will launch later next year.

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