EPA OKs EcoDual Natural Gas Conversions For Cummins ISM Engines


EcoDual LLC says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the company's natural gas conversion systems for installation on 2004-2009 Cummins ISM engines – a total of 29 engine platforms.

‘This approval of our ISM system greatly expands our dual-fuel product line to nearly 50 engine families that can run on compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas,’ says Scott Myers, president and CEO of EcoDual.

‘As with all of our other products, EcoDual will provide a two-year/250,000-mile warranty and lease-to-own financing, for immediate fuel savings,’ he adds.

The 11-liter Cummins ISM engines, which have been in production for more than 10 years, are integrated into various heavy-duty-trucking applications, with horsepower ratings ranging from 280 hp to 410 hp and torque topping out at 1,550 lb.-ft.

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