EPA Certifications Expand Availability Of Icom Propane Autogas Bi-fuel Systems


Icom North America says it has attained 17 new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifications for its JTG II propane autogas bi-fuel systems, which are tailored to commercial and consumer vehicles.

According to Icom, the certifications cover approximately 200 model-year 2010-2012 Chevrolet- and GMC-brand light-duty trucks and SUV platforms with 4.8- and 5.3-liter engines. The Chevrolet vehicles include Silverado, Tahoe, Express vans, Avalanche and Suburban, and the GMC vehicles are Sierra, Yukon and Savana vans. The alternative fuels division of Indiana-based Jasper Engines and Transmissions provided Icom with the GM vehicles for integration.

‘We believe propane – a domestic fuel source – is the most energy-efficient and practical alternative fuel currently available,’ says Ralph Perpetuini, CEO of Icom North America. ‘Icom JTG II bi-fuel systems allow vehicles to operate primarily on propane, with gasoline as a back-up source and for extended range.’

The JTG II system is now available for over 400 vehicle platforms, representing a total of 40 EPA certifications. The systems are installed by Icom's partners nationally, of which Jasper is one.

‘Partnering with Icom allows us to present the latest liquid propane injected technology on the market and enhances the progress we have already made in the alternate fuels arena,’ says Ed Zoglman, a division manager at Jasper.

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