Enhanced Natural Gas Vehicle Conversion Equipment Makes Debut


Go Natural CNG, a company that develops technologies for natural gas vehicles (NGVs), has introduced its next-generation Fuel Interface Module (FIM) – a product that enables light-duty NGV conversions via a single high-pressure manifold.

The redesigned FIM, which is now compliant with the National Fire Protection Association's 52-2013 standard, integrates a controlled-flow defueling/depressurization valve designed to connect to a vent stack or capture system using a defueling hose. The FIM combines a coalescing filter, quarter-turn valve, pressure gauge, check valve and electronic pressure sensor into one unit.

Go Natural CNG notes that other benefits of the new FIM design include optional mounting holes for more discretion in installation points and a decrease in overall product dimensions, for improved installation in vehicles with limited space and ground clearance. The FIM's symmetrical design and spare ports with clearly marked laser engravings aid in easy installation and system assembly. It also includes an analog pressure gauge so technicians can verify the system depressurization before servicing.

The company says the product will make its debut at the ACT Expo from May 5-8. For more details about the FIM, call (801) 683-3988 or send an email to info@gonaturalcng.com.

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