Electric Vehicles in Your Fleet? Check Out Your eGallon Prices


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has debuted the eGallon: an easy way to compare the costs of fueling electric vehicles against the expenses associated with using gasoline.

According to the new tool, which serves as a simple metric to equate electricity as a fuel vs. a gallon of gasoline, the average national eGallon price this week is about $1.14. In other words, a typical electric vehicle could travel as far on $1.14 worth of electricity as a similar vehicle could travel on a gallon of gasoline.

“Consumers can see gasoline prices posted at the corner gas station, but are left in the dark on the cost of fueling an electric vehicle.

‘The eGallon will bring greater transparency to vehicle operating costs, and help drivers figure out how much they might save on fuel by choosing an electric vehicle,’ says Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. ‘It also shows the low and steady price of fueling with electricity.’

At energy.gov/egallon, consumers can see the latest eGallon price for their state and compare it to the price of gasoline. The eGallon price, of course, varies from state to state based on the price of electricity.

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