eCNG: Emergency Fuel for Stranded Natural Gas Vehicles


San Francisco-based PSI Technologies LLC has released eCNG, a new product that provides roadside refueling for natural gas vehicles in emergency situations.

The eCNG package stores compressed natural gas at 3,600 psi, enabling roadside-assistance teams to help NGV operators whose vehicles have run out of fuel. The product incorporates industry-standard components (NGV-2 and U.S. DOT approved), allowing users to easily refuel stranded NGVs and replenish the eCNG cylinder at any CNG station.

The company notes that the standard eCNG package carries 0.74 GGE (0.65 DGE) of CNG, but custom-sized packages are available for accommodating heavy-duty NGVs with greater fuel needs.
‘Given the growth in the NGV market, there is a glaring need for a standardized fueling system for roadside assistance – one that is safe, yet does not require expensive and heavy components,’ says Prescott Stone, president of PSI Technologies.

eCNG is available on a purchase or lease basis. For more details, call (415) 298-3439 or send an email to

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