Eaton, Volkswagen Roll Out Electric Vehicle DC Fast-Charging Technology


Volkswagen Group of America Inc. and Eaton Corp. have unveiled single-port electric vehicle (EV) charging technology that complies with the SAE-standard Combined Charging System (CCS). The DC fast-charging platform is capable of recharging compatible EVs in as little as 30 minutes, the companies say.

‘In comparison to other charging standards, CCS offers advantages because it requires only one cut-out in the vehicle body, thus reducing costs and making it easier for customers to handle charging,’ said Dr. Volkmar Tanneberger, head of electrics/electronics development at Volkswagen AG. ‘With the ability to handle up to 86 kW, CCS is the most powerful charging system available.’

The CCS uses a single port and can integrate single-phase AC charging, fast three-phase AC charging, DC charging at home and ultra-fast DC charging at public stations. The design optimizes customer ease-of-use with a single standard that will allow EV customers to not only charge at most existing stations, but also improve convenience by offering a single source for various charging levels.

Eaton's DC Quick Charger features the CCS charge connector and communicates with an EV's battery management system to provide direct current flow to charge the battery. The 50 kW charger housing consists of five individual 10 kW power drawers, providing the flexibility to offer a 20 kW, 30 kW, 40 kW or 50 kW configuration.

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