Dozens of GE CNG In A Box Systems to be Deployed


GE Oil & Gas says it will be supplying 260 of its CNG In A Box compressed natural gas fueling systems to China-based Endurance Industry as a part of a three-year agreement.

The CNG fuel station configuration that GE is supplying to Endurance features a standard-sized CNG In A Box unit with multiple, smaller ‘daughter’ stations running off of it. This design minimizes the need for pre-existing natural gas pipelines, and the monitoring capabilities of the ‘mother’ station enable it to automatically feed into the smaller stations when fuel is running low to reduce fueling wait times.

An integral part of the CNG In A Box system is GE's high-speed reciprocating (HSR) compressor technology, which is being manufactured for Endurance Industry at a new GE facility in Shenyang, China. GE's primary HSR facility is near Houston.

The first sets of HSR units produced from the Shenyang facility already have been purchased by Chinese customers CIMC Enric and Jerrywon Energy Equipments Co. Ltd. The new facility, which opened in June, was built at a preexisting GE facility in Shenyang that specializes in renewable energy and flow and process technologies.

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