DIRECTV Fleet Ready to Commit to More Propane Autogas Vans


DIRECTV says it intends to roll out an additional complement of propane autogas vans that will join the company's existing fleet of 77 ROUSH CleanTech Ford E-250s.

DIRECTV did not specify how many units it plans on acquiring, but the new deployment will be conducted within the next year. And again, the company will be using propane-powered E-250s.

‘The addition of more propane autogas-fueled vehicles to the DIRECTV fleet strengthens our commitment to reducing the company's overall gasoline usage,’ says Brandon Morris, director of fleet services for DIRECTV.

‘We have learned a lot from analyzing our current propane fleet, and the benefits we are seeing from using propane as an alternative to gasoline include the lower cost of propane, ease of implementation, distribution network, and the high-quality conversion kit produced by ROUSH CleanTech,’ he adds.

DIRECTV began running propane vans in Southern California in November 2011. The vehicles are serviced and maintained by independent maintenance vendors and Ford dealers, and refueling takes place at AmeriGas, Arro Autogas and Avcogas facilities.

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