CT Transit Fleet Is Deploying Two CNG Vehicles, Two Hybrid-Electric Buses


Connecticut-based transportation agency the Greater Hartford Transit District (GHTD) says it is adding four alternative fuel vehicles to its fleet of paratransit vehicles to serve elderly and disabled residents of greater Hartford.

Two of the vehicles are hybrid-electric/gasoline buses that feature the VTM Hybrid system from Cummins Crosspoint/Variable Torque Motors. The technology is designed to draw power when the bus is in motion and store power when the vehicle is coasting or breaking. When accelerating, the bus first uses the stored energy and then turns to gasoline – increasing fuel efficiency by up to 40%.

GHTD will also soon be taking delivery of two compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, the organization says. The district plans on replacing eight diesel buses with CNG-fueled buses by 2013.

The four vehicles were purchased through funding from the Federal Transit Administration and the Connecticut Department of Transportation's Clean Fuel Program.

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