Cryostar Develops Liquefied Natural Gas Dispenser


Cryostar, a France-based provider of cryogenic equipment, recently debuted its LNG Dispenser 2.0 – a liquefied natural gas dispensing unit for natural gas vehicle fleets and fueling stations.

The company says the new design drastically reduces gas losses and allows for more convenient use of the LNG dispenser. It features a Coriolis flow meter and electronic calculator to ensure the accurate measuring of fuel, as well as the proprietary Cryostar CRYOFUELTRONICS solution, which is designed to manage the refueling-process control valves and instrumentation for tank venting, flow-meter cool-down and vehicle refueling.

LNG Dispenser 2.0 also provides enhanced communication with a station's supervision system, using Modbus for communication with PLC and IFSF protocol for payment systems. In addition, a simple communication mode through a single contact for pump start and stop is available.

In terms of performance, the dispenser's fueling rate is about 40 gallons per minute. The system is compatible with every existing truck model worldwide.

Cryostar has been involved with the development of nearly 100 LNG and L-CNG fueling stations around the world.

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