CP Industries Announces New Large-Diameter CNG Tanks


CP Industries, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of pressure vessels for alternative-fuel storage and other applications, has expanded its Type 4 onboard storage product line with 25.5-inch-diameter compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders.

Available in 60′, 80′, 90′ and 120′ lengths, these newest cylinders are an ideal solution to meet the demands of increased vehicle range and capacity, the company says. The company offers the tanks in both neck- and strap-mounted designs.

‘This is an exciting time for CP Industries as we grow our brand with new Type 4 cylinder designs,’ says Nicole Rebyanski, CPI's senior product manager of alternative fuels. ‘We can provide customers with a more complete onboard storage solution that continues to be safe, reliable and cost effective.’
CP Industries, a subsidiary of Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. (EKC), says the Type 4 corrosion-free seamless liners are wrapped with carbon fiber and a protective fiberglass overlay. The glass overlay covers the entire cylinder's surface, not just the domes, providing significant impact resistance, according to the company. The stainless steel, three-piece, serviceable boss is an exclusive feature offered only by CP Industries.

All of the company's Type IV cylinders are manufactured in McKeesport, Pa.

For more information, contact Nicole Rebyanski at (412) 664-6637 or nicole.rebyanski@cp-industries.com.

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