Could the ‘Prius Tax’ Take Hold on Alt-Fuel Vehicles?


The Vermont State Legislature is beginning to mull what has been dubbed the ‘Prius Tax’ – an extra charge on the registration of alternative fuel vehicles that is designed to make up for the lack of gasoline taxes that these drivers pay.

According to coverage from, Republicans in the State House proposed to add the ‘tax’ to Vermont's transportation budget as an amendment, but the move stalled. However, the concept itself is evidently compelling to many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

‘We're going to have to look at it,’ Democratic House Speaker Shap Smith told ‘There are definitely vehicles that are not participating in paying for our roads and bridges.’

The Republican proposal was to tack an extra $146 annual fee to registrations of ‘specialized-fuel-driven’ vehicles, such as electric vehicles and those powered by natural gas.

Read full coverage from HERE.

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