Connecticut Allocates Funding for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Purchases


The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) has announced that it has allocated funding for the purchase of clean fuel vehicles (CFVs) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved diesel retrofit technologies (DRTs).

The CT DOT is seeking proposals from public entities that want to add alternative fuel vehicles, CFVs or DRTs to their operations. This follows the announcement that the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has made an additional $2 million available for consumers to purchase hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles.

The Connecticut Clean Fuel (CCF) program is intended to improve air quality, reduce dependency on petroleum-based fuels and enhance public awareness of alternative-fuel-based technologies. These technologies may provide cost savings in purchased fuel and vehicle maintenance.

The CCF program will only supplement the cost of the purchase of original equipment manufacturer models, however. Other than DRTs, the CCF cannot be used for retrofitted or remanufactured vehicles or engines. The CCF program will, however, reimburse the full cost of an EPA-approved DRT purchase; then installation and maintenance is up to the owner.

The CCF program can be used for hybrid-electric vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles, electric vehicles and propane autogas vehicles.

You can read the request for proposals in its entirety here. All proposals must be submitted by 4 p.m. on April 29.

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