Company Making Progress with Small-Scale CNG Refueler


New Gas Industries LLC says it has successfully validated its Home Refueling Apparatus (HRA) – a small-scale compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling system for natural gas vehicles – and is moving forward with the next phase of product development.

New Gas has been working with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) on HRA testing and process validation.

‘GTI testing of the New Gas HRA demonstrated expected performance,’ says Tony Lindsay, GTI's director of research and development for advanced energy systems. ‘It shows promise for attractive economics and is scalable for small fleet applications.’

New Gas is dialing-in the HRA to deliver up to 80 GGE of CNG per week in a home, using a 1-hp compressor and a standard 110 V household power supply.

‘Furthermore, we plan to scale up the HRA technology to address the underserved market of fleets between five and 15 vehicles,’ says Harry Bruns, New Gas' manager of operations.

New Gas says it has been working with CSA to develop specifications for the certification of the HRA, as well as examining potential manufacturers to produce the system.

The company has a goal of bringing the HRA and small fleet units to the market next year.

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