Company Introduces Special Piston Technology for Natural Gas Engines


CNG One Source Inc. has developed new piston technologies for natural gas engines that the company says perform better than traditional pistons in compressed natural gas (CNG) applications.

‘CNG engines operate at higher temperatures, and the engine components must be more durable,’ explains Karen Teslovich, president of CNG One Source. ‘Our latest piston improvements reduce friction, reject heat and reduce the time excess oil is in contact with the cylinder walls. These subtle improvements go a long way towards increasing durability.’

The company says temperature-related engine-component failures are much more common with CNG than with diesel engines. In turn, critical engine components – such as pistons – demand greater durability in order to withstand the effects of the heat. Improved technologies can help fleet owners increase the uptime of their natural gas vehicles.

‘You have to take every component, compare it to existing technology and decide how advanced technology can improve it,’ Teslovich says. ‘CNG engines require superior designing to ensure the vehicles spend more time on the road and spend less time in the shop.’

For details about the new products, contact CNG One Source at

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