Company Introduces New Carbon Material for Compressed Natural Gas Tanks


EnerG2, an engineered-materials manufacturer, says it has developed a carbon adsorbent material designed to improve the design and capacity of compressed natural gas (CNG) storage tanks for natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

The company says the proprietary material ‘packs at optimal density’ and is ‘compatible with any and all tank geometries and systems.’

‘In terms of performance, it allows similar volumes of gas to be stored at lower pressure levels of 500-800 psi, as opposed to the more standard pressure levels of 3,000-3,600 psi,’ according to the company. ‘A tank at 500-800 psi can store as much natural gas as a tank at 3,000-3,600 psi, but its flexible form factor will allow it to fit in a space on board a vehicle that's about half the size.’

‘This material represents a real breakthrough, because we're ready to go at scale with a material that totally changes the dynamics of natural gas tanks on board a wide variety of vehicles,’ remarks Dr. Aaron Feaver, co-founder and chief technology officer at EnerG2.

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