Company Claims New Equipment Cuts CNG Refueling Time in Half


Trillium CNG has debuted new compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling equipment – its 7′ Hydraulic Intensifier Compressor (HY-C) – that reportedly reduces natural gas vehicle refueling time by 50%.

Trillium CNG's five-inch HY-C is already being used in many of the company's existing public-access CNG stations. That technology has been shown to achieve fueling rates of 10 GGE per minute.

The 7′ HY-C is designed to accommodate heavy-duty fleets that require high-volume CNG refueling times for multiple NGVs across multiple fueling lanes.

‘It not only preserves valuable driver time, which is important to fleet operators, but it redefines CNG refueling industry standards,’ Ted Calvin, vice president of manufacturing and supply chain.

For more information about Trillium CNG's technology, click here.

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