Companies Debut the DYNAFLOW 3000 LNG Dispenser


Flow Instruments GmbH and Beta Control Ltd. have introduced the LNG DYNAFLOW 3000 dispenser, which quickly fuels heavy-duty trucks and buses with liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Flow Instruments, a subsidiary of Chart Industries, is a specialist in the development, engineering and production of flow measurement systems. Beta Control is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics for fuel dispensers in the Czech Republic.

According to Chart Industries, the system essentially mimics fueling with diesel: Drivers can simply fuel, pay and drive away.

The dispenser is supplied ready for mounting onto a standard pump island and can be supplied as part of an LNG mobile or stationary fueling station. The piping configuration prevents flow diversion, and the dispenser also features a dead-man button, which allows fueling to start only when it is pressed.Â

Beta Control's electronic calculator, ADP1/T-LNG, instructs customers during the dispensing procedure and includes features such as an alert to signal a low LNG level in the station tank and an automatic cut-off when LNG is not available.

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