Commercial Electric Vehicle OEM Selects UQM As Supplier


Zenith Motors LLC, a Kentucky-based electric vehicle manufacturer, has selected the PowerPhase Pro 135 system from UQM Technologies Inc. as the core drivetrain component for its all-electric shuttle vans.

The PowerPhase Pro 135 provides a peak torque of 340 Nm, peak power of 135 kW and 60 kW of continuous power.

‘After a year of extensive testing, we have selected UQM as the supplier of choice for our vehicles,’ says Bill Yung, CEO of Zenith Motors. ‘The systems performed well, providing the capability, efficiency and reliability that we are looking for in an electric motor and controller system for our shuttle vans.’

UQM will begin shipping units of the PowerPhase Pro 135 system to Zenith Motors next month. The company also offers the PowerPhase HD 220 and 950T systems for heavier commercial vehicle applications.

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