Cobey CNG Station Gas-Storage Vessels Get ASME Approval


Cobey Energy, a New York-based designer and manufacturer of compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling infrastructure equipment, says it has met ASME standards for its family of CNG-storage ‘spheres,’ enabling Cobey to begin producing and marketing the products.

‘Cobey Energy is very excited to be offering our customers CNG storage spheres to complement our compressor packages and priority fill panels,’ says Craig Jackson, the company's CNG product manager.

The newly acquired ASME U2 stamp enables Cobey Energy to build ASME Div. 2 pressure vessels for high-pressure CNG storage for on-site, above-ground storage at CNG refueling stations in North America.

Parent company Cobey Inc. has been packaging gas compression systems since 1987. The Cobey Energy product line was launched in 2012 to specifically address the CNG market.

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