CNG cylinders international Releases 25-Inch Tank Family


Oxnard, Calif.-based CNG cylinders international says it is now shipping its 25-inch (diameter) Type 3 compressed natural gas tanks, which are designed mainly for frame-rail and behind-the-cab installations on Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks.

This portfolio of large cylinders ranges from 60 inches to 93.5 inches, which offer fast-fill capacities of 28.6 DGE and 49.2 DGE, respectively. Tanks are also available in 80-inch (40.6 DGE) and 90-inch (46.2 DGE) configurations. All of these neck-mounted cylinders operate at a service pressure of 3,600 psi/250 bar.

CNG cylinders international notes that the tanks range in weight from 310 pounds to 484 pounds.

For more information, send an email to Randolf Wollgiehn at

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