CNG cylinders international Carrying New Type 1 CNG Tanks


CNG cylinders international Inc. says it is now offering the new lineup of Type 1 compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks from Czech manufacturer Vitkovice Cylinders.

These Type 1 cylinders are seamless steel products manufactured from billet, making them lighter than cylinders made from tube, according to the company. The tanks also feature excellent impact and corrosion resistance and have passed a 3,000-hour salt-spray test performed by GM Europe.

Three valve choices are approved with Vitkovice Type 1 cylinders: an OMB BETA high-flow manual valve, a Rotarex Eagle solenoid valve and an EMER Mark 522-002 solenoid valve.

CNG cylinders international carries the following tank sizes in its inventory in California: 61 liter (14.17′ x 32′; 5.4 GGE; 4.7 DGE); 100 liter (12.6′ x 60′; 8.8 GGE; 7.7 DGE) and 122 liter (12.6′ x 72′; 10.7 GGE; 9.4 DGE).

For more information, contact CNG cylinders international at (805) 278-8060.

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