ClipperCreek, Jetlun Team Up To Offer Smart-Grid-Enabled EV Charging Stations


ClipperCreek Inc., a producer of electric-vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and Jetlun Corp., a provider of intelligent energy-management solutions for homes and buildings, say they are partnering to offer a smart-grid-enabled EVSE to allow EV charging station owners to remotely monitor and control their EVSE and to opt in to participate in their utility programs in order to reduce energy costs.

The product will integrate Jetlun's Intelligent Management (JIM) system to monitor the energy usage of the EVSE and to enable remote on/off switching by the charging-station owner or the utility.

Jetlun's JIM technology will be integrated into ClipperCreek's CS and LCS products. UL-listed units will be available this summer.

SOURCE: Jetlun Corp.

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