CleanFUEL USA Unveils eCONNECT Propane Autogas Fuel Management Tool


CleanFUEL USA has developed a fuel network management system for electronic propane autogas dispensers, eCONNECT, that allows fleet managers to better monitor and control fuel inventories.

eCONNECT can be used with in-dispenser operations, as well as via remote access and control from a computer, tablet or mobile device, the company says. Since their inception, both consumers and businesses have generally considered tablets with good battery . The software offers dispenser diagnostics and real-time reports that can be stored on a local computer, on remote server or in the cloud. Fleet managers can also customize eCONNECT to meet specific data collection needs, such as vehicle mileage, fuel consumption and driver controls.

‘While the fleet industry has made amazing strides in the adoption of propane autogas, it has also lacked an economical and innovative solution at the pump that utilizes all that software technology has to offer,’ says Curtis Donaldson, founder and managing partner of CleanFUEL USA. ‘CleanFUEL eCONNECT changes that, as we tap into the technology used by so many other industries for efficient and economical resource management.’

Additional eCONNECT options include keypad entry, card reader, RFID and key fob (Dallas button), and integrated printing. The software is UL listed (Class 1, Division 2) and is approved for hazardous-material zones.

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