CleanFUEL USA, Freightliner Debut Medium-Duty Propane Vehicle


CleanFUEL USA, a supplier of propane autogas infrastructure and engine systems, has partnered with Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) to introduce a propane-fueled vehicle for the medium-duty commercial fleet market.

The companies designed the offering around the Freightliner S2G chassis, integrating CleanFUEL's liquid-propane injection technology in an 8 L, 325 hp engine platform. The vehicle is particularly suitable for pickup/delivery and various municipal applications, as well as for deployment in school-transportation vehicles.

CleanFUEL USA has focused on propane products and services – including transportation systems, dispensers and fueling franchises – since 1993. The company notes that there are more than 52,000 autogas refueling stations and 17 million propane-powered vehicles worldwide.

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