CleanFUEL USA Debuts Propane Autogas Option for Pickup-Truck Platform


CleanFUEL USA says it is now offering its liquid propane injection system for the GMC C2500 pickup truck with GM's 6.0-liter V8 engine.

‘There is a gap in the light-duty market segment in that a large number of fleets are using these vehicles in day-to-day operations and are looking for an alternative to gasoline, diesel and natural gas,’ says Wayne Moore, chief operating officer of CleanFUEL USA. ‘Our 6.0L offerings help these fleets realize the benefits of propane autogas while experiencing no loss in power or payload.’

CleanFUEL USA says it recently made enhancements to its propane autogas system that simplify the overall design, as well as incorporate new fuel rails to reduce system weight, yield less heat absorption and promote the liquid phase of the propane injection process.

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