Clean Air Power, Ricardo to Pursue Dual-Fuel Natural Gas Systems for HD Applications


Ricardo, a global engineering company that focuses heavily in the cleantech sector, has partnered with Clean Air Power Ltd. (CAP) to develop dual-fuel diesel/natural gas engine technologies.

‘Natural gas in a dual-fuel application offers both fuel economy and cost savings to the large and heavy-duty engine industry,’ says Tom Apostolos, president of Ricardo's U.S.-based subsidiary. ‘This agreement will help our global clients to achieve those savings more quickly, with reduced development time and robust system integration. We are pleased to be working with CAP as a system integrator for their patented dual-fuel technology.’

As the system integrator, Ricardo will draw from its background in vehicle technologies, engine design and controls, and system modeling to integrate CAP's system into various heavy-duty vehicle platforms.

‘Our clear medium-term strategy is to develop further OEM relationships, and through this agreement, we have access to the resources and engineering expertise needed to develop additional new OEM products,’ comments John Pettitt, CEO of CAP.

Clean Air Power has pegged commercial production of its Genesis-EDGE product for North America in early 2014.

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