Class 8 Fleet Acquiring Dual-Fuel Natural Gas Systems


American Power Group Inc. (APG) says one of its ‘early adopter’ customers has placed a follow-on order for 14 of APG's dual-fuel diesel/natural gas systems for heavy-duty glider trucks.

Clarke Power Services, a company that represents APG through its WheelTime Network partnership, is working with this customer to execute the new order. The fleet is ‘one of the nation's leading toll processors of rolled steel, aluminum and copper,’ according to APG.

‘Introducing a new natural gas fueling technology to the U.S. trucking industry will not happen overnight, but we are encouraged by the interest level and commitment being shown by a growing number of fleets,’ says Chad Marti, field services manager at Clarke Power Services.

APG's proprietary Dual Fuel Glider application allows fleets to take advantage of the cost-efficiency of a glider kit combined with the lower maintenance costs and fuel-cost savings associated with using natural gas.

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