Champ Landfill to Shell Out $1.3M for CNG Collection Trucks


As part of a recent settlement announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning the Clean Air Act (CAA), IESI MO Champ Landfill LLC has agreed to spend nearly $1.3 million to purchase four compressed natural gas (CNG) trash collection trucks as a voluntary Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP).

The EPA states that under the recent settlement, IESI MO Champ Landfill LLC agreed to implement numerous measures at its Maryland Heights Landfill designed to minimize odors and air emissions and ensure ongoing compliance with CAA regulatory requirements.

The EPA conducted a formal inspection of the landfill on May 18 through an initiative focused on reducing harmful emissions and identifying noncompliance in the greater St. Louis area. Overall, Champ Landfill will spend up to an estimated $1.6 million to implement the required improvements at the landfill, including additional wells, implementing the independent third-party audit recommendations and other expenditures.

According to the EPA, this voluntary SEP will roll out four new CNG trash collection vehicles in order to replace existing diesel-fueled vehicles serving the location. As such, the natural gas-fueled trucks are expected to significantly reduce particulate matter emissions compared with conventional diesel trucks.

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