Cenergy Solutions Announces New Adsorbent Natural Gas Tech


Cenergy Solutions says it has developed new adsorbent natural gas (ANG) equipment and recently filed for U.S. and international patents.

The company says its ANG storage cylinder technology and conversion system requires less pressure to operate a natural gas vehicle and allows for more storage in the same size cylinder. With lower pressure requirements, compressors for homes or businesses will cost less to purchase, operate and maintain, the company adds.

‘Adsorbent natural gas technology has been talked about for years,” says Gary Fanger, chief operating officer of Cenergy Solutions. “But until now, several technological challenges stood in the way of market introduction and acceptance. Our technology overcomes those challenges.’

Cenergy Solutions says it tested its ANG Storage System and Pro ANG Conversion System on a vehicle with a GMC 8.1-liter engine for over 10,000 miles in conditions that include heavy payloads, high altitude and cold weather.

“The results have been very positive, and we look forward to testing the system in two distinct and separate commercial fleets,” adds Fanger.

Cenergy says its technology can be applied to existing natural gas cylinders, which typically have a service life of 15 to 20 years. The specialized equipment will also make it possible to use low pressure (350-700 psi) cylinders that are lighter and can be conformed to fit in various areas of empty space in a vehicle, the company continues.

Cenergy Solutions' innovations were made possible by collaborating with global energy storage company EnerG2. NW Natural, a natural gas distribution company, also has been working with EnerG2 to improve the fuel storage on board vehicles that use CNG.

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