Cenergy Completes First Field Tests of Adsorbent CNG Cylinder


Cenergy Solutions says that it has successfully completed its first round of field tests at the Clean World/ReFuel compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Sacramento, Calif. The results showed that four-times more bio-methane was stored in the same size adsorbent natural gas (ANG) cylinder compared with a conventional CNG tank without an adsorbent. Cenergy Solutions is continuing to do cycle testing to determine if the ANG will continue to perform at this level over time.

ReFuel currently stores bio-methane in two 20,000 gallon storage tanks, and it’s believed that it can store up to four times more bio-methane gas – and perhaps more – in these tanks with an ANG system. ReFuel contacted Cenergy Solutions to field test the ANG system as a way to enhance its storage volume as production increases from CleanWorld’s digester over time.

In conjunction with CleanWorld and ReFuel, Cenergy Solutions set up the field test with two identical CNG cylinders. One cylinder was empty, and the other was filled with EnerG2’s synthetic activated carbon. Preliminary results show the ANG cylinder was able to hold over four times the amount of bio-methane than the conventional CNG cylinder.

“The results exceeded my expectations,” says Gary Fanger, chief operating officer of Cenergy Solutions. “This test was conducted with our Generation I ANG cylinders. With our Generation II ANG cylinders, I expect the storage to substantially exceed the first test results.”

Cenergy says its ANG technology can be applied to virtually any type of natural gas storage system, including CNG vehicles, fueling stations, natural gas transport trucks and stationary natural gas storage. Cenergy is now retrofitting existing Department of Transportation compliant natural gas cylinders with its proprietary ANG system. This equipment will also make it possible to use low-pressure (350-500 psi) tanks that are lighter and can be conformed to fit in various areas of empty space in a vehicle.

Cenergy is currently discussing opportunities with natural gas storage and transportation companies, commercial fleets, truck and passenger vehicle manufacturers and gas utilities regarding advanced ANG system testing. Cenergy recently equipped a Dodge Ram cargo van with its ANG cylinder technology as a test for the technology.

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