Bombardier To Use Maxwell Ultracapacitors In Braking-Energy Recuperation System


Bombardier Inc. says it has selected ultracapacitors from Maxwell Technologies to integrate into its rail transit braking-energy recuperation systems.

Maxwell's EnerGstor technology uses an ultracapacitor array that can store up to 2 kWh of electrical energy generated by a train's recuperation system. Recuperative braking is attained by running the vehicle's electric motor backward to stop the vehicle with the motor's resistance. An electric motor running backward also acts as an electric energy generator or dynamo that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy that can be stored.

The company claims EnerGstor can offer rail system operators a 20% to 30% reduction in grid power consumption, significant reductions in brake maintenance expenses and other benefits. Maxwell adds that its ultracapacitors are currently deployed in more than 4,500 hybrid transit buses and in other transportation applications, such as a stop-start idle-elimination system for micro-hybrid diesel autos.

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