Biomethane-Based CNG And Related Biofuels In Line For Funding


The California Energy Commission has announced the second round of proposed awardees from its recent biofuel production facilities grant solicitation, which is a part of the state's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. The first round of funding was announced in March.

Three new awards supporting biomethane production have been proposed: Tulare County Compost & Biomass Inc. ($4.79 million for its biomethane production facility); Environ Strategy Consultants Inc. ($2.42 million for biomethane-based compressed natural gas (CNG) derived from the anaerobic digestion of food waste); and Blue Line Transfer Inc. ($2.59 million for its biogenic CNG facility).

A pair of projects aimed at the production of diesel substitutes have also been recommended for funding: Eslinger Biodiesel Inc. ($6 million for biodiesel production at Kinder Morgan distribution terminals in the state) and Buster Biofuels LLC ($2.64 million supporting its biorefinery in Escondido, Calif.).

Additionally, two gasoline-substitute production facilities are in line for funding: Mendota Bioenergy LLC ($5 million for its demonstration biorefinery) and ZeaChem Inc. ($4.66 million toward its pilot plant and a study of bio-based gasoline blendstocks).

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