Bill to Fund Alt-Fuel Govt. Fleets Progresses in Texas


In a 26-4 vote, the Texas Senate recently passed S.B.12, a bill to establish a program to help convert the state fleet to natural gas and other alternative fuels, as well as to fund the construction of a limited number of alt-fuel stations. The bill has since been sent to the state House of Representatives for consideration.

State Sen. Carlos Uresti, D-District 19, introduced the legislation in March. The bill would allow state agencies, as well as counties, cities and other local entities, that operate more than 15 vehicles to apply for grants to convert or replace vehicles to models that use compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

S.B.12 would also expand a program that provides state grants to build alternative fueling stations.

“I am happy to send the bill over to the House and urge my House colleagues to send S.B.12 to the governor's desk as soon as possible,” said Uresti in a statement following the bill's Senate passage.

“Natural gas is cleaner than the fuels we are using now. And importantly – it's plentiful in my district and in Texas. For the constituents I represent, that means jobs and a boost to our economy. I am excited to get this program rolling,” he added.

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