Bauer Compressors Debuts Micro CNG Fueling System For Small NGV Fleets


Bauer Compressors Inc. has released its new Micro series self-contained compressed natural gas (CNG) system, which is designed to tap a business' natural gas supply line and compress the gas for storage in pressurized fuel cylinders and, ultimately, use in over-the-road and on-site vehicles.

According to Bauer, the product's small footprint – 50′ x 50′ x 50′ – makes it particularly suitable for commercial and industrial customers that operate small fleets of natural gas vehicles (NGVs), or for companies that are beginning to transition vehicles to CNG. The skid-mounted unit, which comes with a two-year warranty, weighs approximately 900 lbs.

Standard features of the 9 CFM Micro series include an air-cooled, pressure-lubricated reciprocating compressor/booster, inlet buffer tank, relief valves, automatic condensate drain system, vapor recovery system, and low-oil and high-temp alarms.

The Micro series can be configured for both time- and fast-fill applications, and available options include a high-pressure dryer and storage tanks. Operating for 18 hours (on a daily cycle), the system yields 74 DGE/81 GGE in capacity, Bauer notes.

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