BAF Technologies’ CNG Payback Estimator Gives Fleets NGV Conversion Insight


BAF Technologies, a company that specializes in compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle conversions and related alternative fuel systems, has released its ‘CNG Payback Estimator’ tool, which is designed to help fleet operators ascertain the potential cost benefits of shifting from gasoline/diesel to natural gas.

BAF says the tool takes into account a number of key metrics to arrive at payback estimates: CNG conversion cost per vehicle, vehicle fuel economy, a vehicle's annual mileage, available incentives and local fuel prices.

With these factors considered, the CNG Payback Estimator yields the estimated fuel savings (in gasoline-gallon equivalent), monthly savings, five-year return on investment, and overall payback period.

BAF, a subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels, notes that it is welcoming feedback about the new tool from fleet managers. Send an email to if you have questions or comments.

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