AT&T Corporate Fleet Notches Milestone With CNG Van


AT&T recently put its 5,000th alternative-fuel vehicle to work in its fleet as a part of the company's target to spend more than half a billion dollars over the next seven years to deploy 15,000 such vehicles.

The 5,000th vehicle was a compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet van in Palmdale, Calif. The company says that by the end of next year, it will have purchased up to 8,000 CNG vehicles at an estimated cost of $350 million.

‘In a short period of time, with the support of community leaders all over the country, we've invested in the deployment of thousands of advanced-technology vehicles that promote cleaner air, use less fuel and help AT&T lower its operating costs,’ says Jerome Webber, vice president of AT&T Global Fleet Operations.

AT&T's current corporate fleet includes more than 70,000 vehicles.

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