Arizona City Beginning Refuse Fleet Conversion to Compressed Natural Gas


The city of Mesa, Ariz., is shifting a number of its refuse vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG), eyeing the acquisition of 18 new heavy-duty natural gas vehicles over the next two years.

‘Through a methodical and conservative review of the technological advancements for these vehicles and a lengthy economic analysis of the program, we are convinced the transfer to this type of fuel is a long-term benefit to the City of Mesa,’ says Michael Comstock, director of the city's solid waste management department.

The city says temporary CNG refueling infrastructure will be installed on Mesa property on 6th St. in order to refuel the trucks. The development of a permanent refueling station that will draw from the municipal utility's own natural gas network is in the city's long-term plans.

‘Our low costs to provide CNG service and the capability to develop the CNG station as a part of [the solid waste department's] conversion to CNG are services that we want to extend to all of Mesa's natural gas utility customers, especially our local fleets,’ adds Frank McRae, director of the city's energy resources department.

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