APG, EVOL LNG Team Up To Bring Dual-Fuel System To Australia


GreenMan Technologies Inc. subsidiary American Power Group Inc. (APG) has partnered with EVOL LNG, an Australia-based Kleenheat Gas company, to bring the V5000HD dual-fuel system to the Australian market.

According to the companies, the V5000HD system burns diesel and natural gas simultaneously, typically at an average 40% to 50% diesel fuel substitution rate. Aftermarket conversions are available from EVOL LNG and can either be set up as a diesel/liquefied natural gas or diesel/compressed natural gas conversion.

After the conversion, the vehicle can either operate on the two fuels simultaneously or shift to run on 100% diesel should the vehicle be away from the refueling network, the companies add.

Kleenheat Gas General Manager Graham Smith says the V5000HD system had undergone extensive testing and product improvement needed for Australian conditions prior to its commercial release, noting that the system is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved and currently available in the U.S.

Initially, certified installers will be located in Perth and Melbourne, Australia.

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