Alectra Purchases 73 Additional HydraGEN Units Following dynaCERT Pilot Program


dynaCERT Inc.’s pilot program with Alectra Utilities Corp. has resulted in the purchase of an additional 73 dynaCERT flagship HydraGEN Technology Units. Alectra has purchased a total of 88 units.

“As global diesel prices soar, dynaCERT is very pleased to serve the private and public sector in Canada and internationally, including utilities, communities and governments as well as private sector users of internal combustion engines,” says Jim Payne, president and CEO of dynaCERT. “Our products are designed for future carbon credits while users achieve sustainability and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.”

dynaCERT has received the Smart Sustainable Company Rating Seal after a rigorous analysis of Triple-A Analytics GmbH of Austria. This distinction of dynaCERT and its HydraGEN Technology as it applies to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations Global Compact Principles, has been evaluated as “high”, the highest global ranking in its category.

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